As our first week of bowling comes to an end, we want to thank all the bowlers who committed to following all the new protocols.  We are grateful to those who have signed up, using our online booking tool, to assume the volunteer positions.  As well as to those who have taken the time to learn the ropes regarding those positions.  We’ve had some great helpers with clean up at the end of play. Just another reminder that we must have all 3 volunteer positions filled prior to us opening the gate for bowling on any given day, so if you can please volunteer for these very important positions.

We will continue to follow the protocols from Bowls Canada and Alberta to practice singles for another two weeks prior to moving forward to stage 2, which will allow us to play both singles and pairs. It is important that our bowlers understand how important it is to be safe and follow the advice of our Safety Committee. There is some confusion regarding how we are structured for bowling at this time. Bowlers can practice by themselves by simply putting your name on 2 spots on the signup sheet along with the word “practice” in the comments, and you will be assigned a rink to yourself.
We have decided to wait to play singles and not play pairs until the Safety Committee and the Club Executive are confident that we can do so comfortably and safely. Once we have established our processes and players are comfortable, we will move to allow pairs play following all of the safety protocols that we have been practicing.

The Safety committee asks for all those who have signed up for the volunteer positions to please arrive at the clubhouse at least one half hour before play time in order to set up and be prepared.  A Club Director will be on hand to let you into the club back door. The gate is opened by the clean-up volunteer 15 minutes prior to play.  Reminder that there is no drop-in bowling at this time. Our Safety Officer asks all bowlers please be respectful of all volunteer leaders as they have the responsibility of fulfilling all the established protocols.  There are clear written instructions to enable volunteers to carry out their duties and tasks.  If there are any problems or questions, please contact someone from the Safety Committee.

Thanks again to those who have stepped up willingly to help.  Let’s all work together to be safe and to have some fun bowling in our amazing club setting.   

  • on behalf of Safety Officer, 
  •               Mary Anne Woodward
  •        and Safety Committee, 
  •                Shannon Ross Watson,
  •                Doug Woodward,
  •                Sandi Young,
  •                and Brian Ranger.

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