Become a member of Edmonton’s Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club and see ‘how we roll’.
Becoming a member is a great way to meet and make friends while getting some fun physical activity, but if our website has been your first encounter with bowls, don’t worry!

The sport is internationally renowned for the friendliness and support given to new players.

Membership entitles you access to our sunny patio, grounds and clubhouse, use of all equipment, extra coaching, opportunities to play in club tournaments, attend social functions and compete in provincial and national competitions. We invite you to join us for a free introduction to the sport of lawn bowls. All equipment is provided; wear comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes. Please contact the office (email/phone) to arrange a time to try lawn bowling!

Membership Fees for 2022
Full Membership (for the season)
Junior Membership (18 or under as of Dec.31 of current year)
Daily Bowling (one day)
Guest Membership (1 month period)
Social Membership (No Bowling)
We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the annual membership costs - especially when compared to other sports. We do our best to keep membership fees in-line with administrative and facilities costs.

Contact Us for more information today!
Our members and knowledgeable staff would love to share information and experiences with you.