About the Club & The Sport We Love

The Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club is located in North West Edmonton. You will find us north of Telus World of Science in the midst of busy Coronation Park. The club proudly hosted the 1978 Commonwealth bowls tournament and was honoured to have Queen Elizabeth observe the international tournament. The queen’s viewing balcony is still part of our building, but you’ll have more fun on one of our four bowling greens, playing bowls with new friends and old.

About the Club

Any occasion is a good excuse to meet meet or make friends on our patio, in our comfortable club area, or in our beautiful gardens before or after a game. In addition to serving a light menu, the Commonwealth Club is a licensed facility for our guests’ convenience and enjoyment. If you’re looking for ‘a little more’, we also provide catering options for group and corporate events. We welcome you and your friends to our house - the club - and hope that you’ll be our guest to relax and entertain as you would in your home.

As you can imagine, we make sure that the grounds at the Commonwealth Club are mix of function and fun! As one of the largest facilities of its kind in Canada, our club has four bowling greens to play on - which means lots of opportunity to play, practice, get coaching advice and invite family and friends to try lawn bowls.

We do our best to complement the park setting that the club resides in - adding and changing gardens and landscaping as the seasons permit while maintaining healthy and beautiful greens to play on. The Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club takes pride in creating a relaxing and casual recreational environment for our club members and guests. Come join us and see for yourself!

About Lawn Bowling

Lawn bowls is played on a level green with a weighted or biased ball. The object of the game is to have one’s bowl come closest to the ‘goal ball’ or jack. The game is played singly or in teams, and friendly, casual tournament play is common. While it used to be that lawn bowlers had a dress code of all-white apparel to conform to, modern bowlers of all ages play in comfortable apparel of any colour, ensuring only that they wear flat-soled shoes to avoid damaging the greens. Once thought to be a sport for senior citizens, lawn bowling is experiencing a resurgence in popularity because of its low cost, ease of play, and reputation for friendliness by people of all ages and abilities.

The game we know as lawn bowling or 'bowls' has been traced back as early as the 13th century in London, England though certainly it has existed for as long as people have enjoyed throwing games. Different variations of the game are found all over the world, but bowls as we know it is a "core sport" that must be included at each edition of the Commonwealth Games as it was at our club in 1978.

Played in the spirit of friendly competition, lawn bowling takes equal parts skill, strategy, luck, and laughter. Experienced players go out of their way to make new bowlers feel welcome with encouragement and friendly advice. The World Book of Lawn Bowls outlines the importance of a calm and cheerful demeanor, knowing one’s own strengths and weaknesses, and acting in a spirit of camaraderie toward all players.

We could go into the rules and regulations of bowls but instead, we’d like you to come and give it a try yourself!

Join Us! We'd love to have you.