By: Frances – On behalf of your Safety Committee 🙂

We are opening up the option to play pairs on one green only beginning on Monday, July 20th. Singles will still be played on the other green. The following guidelines have been prepared by your Safety Committee utilizing Bowls Canada, Bowls Alberta and the Alberta Government rules and guidance regarding Return to Play protocols. Your safety, is our priority, so if you have suggestions please see one of the CLBC Directors or committee members.

We look forward to seeing you on the greens and ask that you play safe and protect each other; remember it is everyone’s responsibility to keep each other safe.

Guidelines for Pairs Play

  1. Pairs teams will be assigned in order of registration on-line, obviously in units of four. Any remaining odd numbers will, by default, be relegated to singles play.
  2. Teams will be designated as Red Team – using a red marked jack and the red end of the mat; or Black Team – using a plain white jack and the black end of the mat.
  3. Mats will be marked with Red and Black tape on the ends. Skips touch the middle; Leads touch the outside corners of their assigned color.
  4. Pairs will be 3 bowls only with a 12 end or 1.5 hour maximum play time. This is to reduce the wait time for volunteers who cannot complete their assignments until all bowlers are done.
  5. Movement from end to end will be to the right along the rink boundary to maintain safe distancing.
  6. Currently no pushers will be allowed.
  7. At all times (in the head, on the mat, measuring, etc.) physical distancing must be maintained.
  8. Bowls should be gathered on opposite sides of the rink, more than 6 feet from the mat. (this enables social distancing)
  9. All team members need to help other team members to abide by all the guidelines. Friendly reminders are a necessary part of safe team play.

The standard of 3 volunteers will continue. 1. Cleaning. 2. Drawmaster. 3. Safety Officer. The Safety Officer position is essential to the process, but is often the last to be filled. We have had a good commitment by many bowlers on repeated occasions, but in fairness to all, we need to see all bowlers commit. It is expected that all bowlers will volunteer to fill these roles, please do your share and take your turn. Remember we will not open the gate for bowling if all these positions are not filled. Please don’t risk play being suspended due to a lack of participation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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